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Harmonizing tiers 1 through 3—the manufacturer’s challenge

You invest in brand, product and service development—but those investments fail to be leveraged properly within your dealer network—your customers notice brand erosion and face a challenging online experience. It’s enough to push them away.

Four customer abandonment challenges that you may recognize:

Brand alignment is different from one dealer to the next. Each wants to do their own thing, resulting in lost customer trust.

Merchandising inadequacies: Our product fails to showcase compelling enough for customer engagement.

Mobile experiences across our dealer network fall short of evolved shopper expectations, which limits customer interaction.

Timeliness and quality responsiveness evade our dealers, equaling diminished customer interest.

Dealer network performance for manufactures

The Performance program is for Manufacturers. It guides your Dealer network to consistently ensure high-value consumer content, brand alignment and a completely satisfying customer experience.

Better quality retail leads come by easing customers through the quickest, clearest shopping process—one that lives up to their already established manufacturer brand experience.

A screenshot of a performance dashboard from BLVD Agency with metrics and progress reports.

Ensure your competitive advantage with our performance modules​

Improve how customers experience your product with the only scalable, modular, customizable program in the market focused on optimizing qualitative strategies and assets. You’ll give them value and convenience—they’ll give you their trust—a straight path to better leads.

Modules drive the performance program. Don’t see what you need to improve performance for your network, let’s customize one together.


Advertising & Media Buying



Certified Pre-owned

Digital Retail & Omnichannel Experience

Image Protection & Infringement Prevention


Mobile Optimization

Quality of Design Standardization

Responsiveness & Timeliness

Mystery Shopping

Sales Promotions & Offers

Social Engagement & Reputation Management

Technology Optimization

Third-Party Platform Management

Google My Business

User Experience

Here’s a glimpse of three module excerpts—occurring manufacturer challenges—merchandising, number of calls-to-action (CTAs) on the Vendor detail page (VDP), and price transparency.

A screenshot showing poor examples of vehicle photography found with the Digital Best Practices section of BLVD's Centre of Excellence.

Detailed Modules equal an ever-current and relevant program that optimizes the tier 3 retail marketing ecosystem.

Module best practices and standards constantly evolve to stay on top of Manufacturer changes and customer buying trends.

A screenshot of pricing transparency found with the Digital Best Practices section of BLVD's Centre of Excellence.
A screenshot of pricing transparency found with the Digital Best Practices section of BLVD's Centre of Excellence.

Each Module aligns with measurable criteria for multi-level diagnostic progress reporting—Dealer network knowledge and awareness you can use to take action.

Enact network decision-making with program components

Each program consists of components managed and supported by our dedicated team—your Centre of Excellence (COE) office.

Components are the engine powering decision-making. They allow manufacturers, executives, field team members, vendors and dealers to see, assess and act on supplied information via personalized dashboards (Measurement & Analysis), qualitative network health reports (Diagnostic & Reporting), preferred vendor selections (Vendor Marketplace) and more.

Manufacturer trust equals Performance clients

Brands you know have engaged our programs, starting with Performance since 2014. Optimize your dealer network for better retail leads.

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One program is good—add more for greater control

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