Onboarding Program

Onboarding to accelerate network-wide knowledge

Share network-wide practical education and training to accelerate dealer learning—tracked with measured results.

See how it works—get a walk-through of our Onboarding program.

Real-time learning increases retention

A well-informed dealer network is a manufacturer’s lifeline. The challenge? Traditional training is a monologue. It’s time for a dialogue. Onboard your dealer network with dynamic interactive video training. Watch as they engage and excel—every click propels them forward.

Four common Onboarding challenges you and your network may recognize:

Tracking and measuring Dealer learning progress without a practical feedback mechanism is complex.
Delivering consistent training across multiple locations proves difficult—traditional practices don’t scale well.
Existing knowledge sharing and training fails to accommodate slower learning times or different learning styles.
Passive learning practices offer lower dealer engagement, resulting in poor retention.

Relevant topic flexibility with progress reporting

Our Onboard program adapts to address industry demands/trends with customized topics to keep your dealer’s learning and training current—a tracked journey with integrated reporting.

You’ll see where dealers excel and need improvement—useful information for targeted intervention and support. Reports deliver actionable insights:

Dealer progress reporting

Personal performance awareness gives way to improvement.

Regional and manufacturer roll-up reporting

Comprehensive regional performance and macro-level overview of the entire manufacturer network allows strategic planning, resource allocation, and informed decision/policy-making.

Education and training—guided and measured

Dealers won’t just learn—their product and service knowledge will excel with performance metrics spotlighting their growth.

Our guided training for critical processes and system utility doesn’t just end with comprehension—it ensures application with dealer progress meticulously measured and reported.

Together we can foster a culture of continuous improvement across your entire network.

Enact network decision-making with program components

Each program consists of components managed and supported by our dedicated team—your Centre of Excellence (COE) office.

Components are the engine powering decision-making. They allow manufacturers, executives, field team members, vendors and dealers to see, assess and act on supplied information via personalized dashboards (Measurement & Analysis), qualitative network health reports (Diagnostic & Reporting), preferred vendor selections (Vendor Marketplace) and more.

Onboard to succeed

SiriusXM’s advantage today is yours tomorrow.

Onboarding, tailored and exclusive to your unique network’s growth needs. Overhaul your dealer knowledge sharing and training for a competitive advantage.

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