Leadership in motion

Imagine a future where your customers journey from discovery to purchase is tailored to their needs on every media channel, seamlessly.

Our leadership team of seasoned professionals, diversified marketing/communication specialists, subject-matter experts, insightful analysts, and dedicated account executives are committed to realizing such a future for you, our clients—welcome to BLVD.

Executive Team

A confident man with crossed arms standing in an office.

Omar Khan
Partner, Programs and Global Partnerships

A cheerful man in a dark blue shirt leaning on a doorframe in an office.

Scott Christie
Partner, Brand

A man with a beard sitting on a desk with a window showing the city behind him.

Norman Mayot
Partner, Digital

A beaming man in a dark blazer seated in an office setting.

Alex Pejcic
Managing Partner

Senior Team

A man with a beard smiling at the camera.

Tyler Beggs
Associate Partner, Operations

A man in a checkered shirt smiling with a city view in the background.

Mike McLeod
Associate Partner, Technology

A woman with long hair and a black top in front of a natural backdrop.

Ekaterina Gorbachevskaya
Program Director

A casual man with a light beard smiling against a bright background.

Cory Hicks
Director, Customer Experience

A man with glasses standing in front of a window.

Sean Price
Senior Technologist

A smiling man with a goatee outdoors with a blurred cityscape.

Travis Gleason
Manager, Analytics

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Gathered knowledge trumps guesswork

Over the past three decades, the executive team has built extensive industry experience. Our combined knowledge helps us align business objectives with critical insights that lead to carefully considered solutions built on what we know works, not guesswork.

Use our experience for measured results

Since 2011, BLVD has helped brands succeed across multiple sectors, like automotive, aerospace, entertainment, publishing, retail, and so much more. There isn’t a sector a BLVD partner hasn’t invested time in.

We’ve built a strong reputation for delivering senior talent, strategic know-how, flexibility, accountability, tactical excellence, and an impressive return on investment.

Setting you up for success

Working side by side with you, we’ll rely on strategic leadership, insight-driven creative thinking and expert sourcing to solve your business challenges in smarter ways and for real results.

Explore our programs to learn more. Contact us anytime with your questions.