Fairness Program

Dealer to dealer disputes solved with Fairness​

Protect equitable dealers from questionable dealer practices with actionable steps toward a fair marketplace.

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Avoid disruption—maintain an honest marketplace to thrive

Marketplace disruption affects the harmony and efficiency of your network. Your reputation, sales ability and customer loyalty are on the line. Fairness is your shield against disruption. It gives dealers clarity and turns disputes into resolutions that guard your brand integrity.

Four common dealer to dealer disputes you and your network may recognize:

Dealers offering rates, deals, or prices not aligned with the manufacturer rules of conduct.

Dealers advertising outside of their region.

Marketing policy rules are broken.

Dealers listing competitive advantages they can’t back up.

Resolve disputes with integrity

Fairness is a compliance program—a five-step reporting process for dealers to recognize and report possible infraction(s) and, if necessary, to escalate their claim(s). The program stresses empathy and leans on behavioural nudges to limit unfounded claims.

A benefits slide from a BLVD presentation showing program perks and repeat infraction policy.

Proactive steps ensure dealer professionalism

Concrete information educates, informs and empowers your dealers to foster a reliable and equitable network.

Fair play with structure and process

From initiated infraction submission to claim escalation, close and archive is an active, documented, formal process transparent to dealers, zone managers, and the manufacturer committee at every step.

A form interface from BLVD for submitting dealership infractions.

Enact network decision-making with program components

Each program consists of components managed and supported by our dedicated team—your Centre of Excellence (COE) office.

Components are the engine powering decision-making. They allow manufacturers, executives, field team members, vendors and dealers to see, assess and act on supplied information via personalized dashboards (Measurement & Analysis), qualitative network health reports (Diagnostic & Reporting), preferred vendor selections (Vendor Marketplace) and more.

Succeed with Fairness

Hyundai’s advantage today is yours tomorrow.

Fairness, tailored and exclusive to your unique equity needs. Protect your equitable dealers.

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