Loyalty Program

Be the dealers first choice with our Loyalty program

Build brand loyalty with niche offerings for retailers and dealers to make your brand their first choice.
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See how it works—get a walk-through of our Loyalty program.

Niche offerings increase customer retention

Manufacturer brand options saturate the market. Every day, your dealers are asked to make a choice. Do they sell their customers your brand or another’s? Help yourself—build unique brand loyalty with business-focused rewards that address dealer service, after-sale care and exclusivity needs.

Four common barriers to brand loyalty you may recognize:

Distributors repackage our dealer offerings or implement their programs, limiting our ability to offer value beyond the product.
Brand growth is impeded by not having direct access to dealers.
We want dealers to prefer and promote our brand, but We don’t know what motivates them.
The usual volume-based discounts and/or incentives aren’t connecting with our dealers.

Our Loyalty program—robust and comprehensive

Tackling the value exchange between the manufacturer's wants and the dealer's needs resulted in a distinctively crafted Loyalty program.

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Highlights toward reaching manufacturer sales objectives and motivating dealers to promote and sell more include:

  • Dealer network marketing tactics
  • Engaging personalized dealer dashboards
  • Management roll-up dashboard

Enact network decision-making with program components

Each program consists of components managed and supported by our dedicated team—your Centre of Excellence (COE) office.

Components are the engine powering decision-making. They allow manufacturers, executives, field team members, vendors and dealers to see, assess and act on supplied information via personalized dashboards (Measurement & Analysis), qualitative network health reports (Diagnostic & Reporting), preferred vendor selections (Vendor Marketplace) and more.

Building Loyalty one dealer at a time

Mitsubishi Electric’s advantage today is yours tomorrow.

Loyalty, tailored and exclusive to your unique promotion needs. Make your brand the dealers first choice.

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One program is good—add more for greater control

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