Strategic positioning of a Montreal-based software company.


  1. In-depth understanding of key SweetIQ buyers through gap analysis
  2. Competitive analysis to differentiate the business
  3. Formulation of a business brand model to guide all future messaging and visual representation
  4. Actionable marketing strategy with tactical planning


Marketing Strategy


SweetIQ is a Montreal-based software company specializing in the highly competitive “local search” market. With exponential growth in the last five years, the company is well on its way to changing the industry status quo and establishing itself as the leader in its field. SweetIQ helps Fortune 500 companies convert online searches to in-store shoppers by leveraging its proprietary technology platform and staff expertise.


The challenge for SweetIQ was to evolve its current brand and marketing ecosystem to properly reflect the company’s success and future as an industry innovator. Being primarily a sales-driven organization to that point, management respected that its brand and marketing value were important factors going forward for all stakeholders. BLVD supported this vision by designing and developing SweetIQ’s new brand platform and marketing ecosystem.


To accomplish this, the BLVD team conducted in-depth market research, fact assessments, and insight gathering to establish a base understanding of SweetIQ’s business position. This process was important as it provided a snapshot of what management believed to be its company perception versus actual market perception. It also allowed our teams to study the gaps between these two scenarios, and therefore find opportunity to effect positive change.


For SweetIQ our approach included:

1. Audience Analysis: This process specified key buyers of SweetIQ’s product and services, and how they would best respond to their brand, sales, marketing and communications efforts. We developed key customer personas and highly-effective journey maps for each buyer type that helped guide all stakeholders on effective paths, touchpoints and tactics.

2. Competitive Analysis: We conducted a comprehensive review of core brand and marketing assets from identified key competitors, and how SweetIQ compared against this set. The key insight for this particular case was “a sea of sameness.” We then provided our recommendations on how to break from the industry stagnation and be an innovator.

3. We provided an in-depth review of SweetIQ’s current brand assets and discovery of key opportunities. We provided our recommendations for future brand direction based on in-field research, global scanning, gap analysis and final evaluation.

4. Content Analysis & Strategy: We offered an assessment of SweetIQ’s and its competitors’ content marketing strategy and tactics. Using industry best practices and insights from our work, we forged a content marketing plan which emphasized SweetIQ’s reputation and thought leadership.

5. Brand & Creative Direction: We developed a synthesis of all strategic guidance which drove the final brand and creative direction. A brand model was formed where SweetIQ’s value proposition was universally agreed upon and alignment to business goals were ensured. A final creative direction and framework were presented to the management team.

6. Marketing Plan: We merged the insights and recommendations generated from the Audience Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Content Analysis & Strategy and Brand Analysis & Strategy into an actionable marketing strategy with corresponding tactical recommendations for SweetIQ.

SweetIQ immediately acted on our findings and strategic recommendations to order to evolve the brand and establish the company as the leader in its industry. Upon implementation of BLVD’s brand and marketing plan, SweetIQ has continued its growth with further expansion in North America, and its acquisition of Connectivity in California.