Park’N Fly

Increasing sales by designing a customer-focused user experience.


Park’N Fly is Canada’s premier airport parking provider operating in 7 markets, whose footprint spans from Vancouver to Halifax.

Their sales and marketing strategy is based on the ability to provide parking incentives in the form of parking offers to their customers. These offers are uniquely tiered for each region, and further customized depending on what type of lot is being used, the current capacity of the lot and if the customer is a travel agent member, a reward member or a casual customer.

Before working with BLVD, their platform offered a general weekly offer to all users. This offer did not outline savings and did provide a clear benefit when compared to competitors.


Strategy & Planning
Application Development

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Offer Generation

What We Did

We started the process by working with Park’N fly internal stakeholders to document their current technology system and map out desired business rules for all locations and customer journey maps for each target audiences. We then created a new technology plan that outlined the redesign of their internal system structure.

We also worked together to define their communication and marketing requirements so we could ensure that the new platform would support both partnership and internal promotions. To define the user experience, we created a number of different wireframe prototypes that supported their business rules. Once there was a consensus, a new design direction was implemented.

Of special consideration was offer generation, as offers needed to be supported by different types of checkout machines at each of their locations. Depending on the location, the offer coupon would display either a bar code or a QR code. This offer code needed to be readable using a printed version or by displaying the phone screen.

The result is a fully responsive offer generating and reservation system designed especially for mobile users. The new system addressed each goal outlined in our strategy and allowed us to implement a number of additional cost-saving processes based on our emphasis on planning.

The redesign of the technology and user experience of the Park’N Fly website dramatically increased parking coupon generation and mobile usage now counting as over 65% of their total audience. A recent survey of over 10,000 customers conducted in October 2015 gave the site an 91% approval rating with 80% stating the site met or exceeded their expectations.