Magellan Aerospace

Rebranding for global business unit alignment along with a more contemporary and unified market position.


Magellan Aerospace is a substantial strategic supplier of complex engineered products and services for the largest aerospace companies in the world.

Research revealed Magellan’s position as “Integrated.” This stance communicates their unique role in the supply chain, as well as the nature of the personal relationships necessary for the long deal cycle of the aerospace industry. The custom font, people, imagery and language combine to communicate Magellan’s key “integrated” position. The font replaces the logo as the recognizable visual. The language is succinct.

We continue to manage Magellan’s brand identity across all of their marketing communication platforms in partnership with their marketing team and related suppliers.


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“The global rebrand of Magellan Aerospace has enabled us go from a recognized supplier to a tier 2 and tier 1 partner.”

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