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Delivering a world-class Centre of Excellence digital performance platform for dealers.


Kia is one of the fastest growing automotive manufacturers in the world. The company prides itself on “The Power to Surprise”, their brand slogan which represents the company’s global commitment to surpassing customer expectations through continuous innovation. Understanding their customers and appreciating innovation, Kia recognized how important digital media is to the buyer journey and the role dealership websites play for them. Therefore, Kia required a way to communicate, engage and support dealerships across Canada with the goal of improving each of their respective digital performances.


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“BLVD has provided Kia with a solution that helps our dealerships across Canada understand the importance of digital media to their businesses.”

— Steve Carter, Director of Marketing


Kia had an existing digital brand compliancy program in place prior to working with BLVD. The program was struggling to make a real connection with dealers and had limited impact with respect to improving performance. A major challenge was that the past program was based on a punitive approach which penalized dealers for non-compliance, resulting in eroded dealer motivation and the lack of stakeholder partnership. To overcome this, Kia needed a rethink of this program with respect to strategy, execution and management.

What We Did

Based on learning gained from the past program and the latest psychographic insights from the likes of Google and J.D. Power, the BLVD team envisioned a new approach to elevate how the program is conducted and truly make it world-class.

Our strategy was to remove the punitive nature of the past program and offer a more supportive and rewarding experience for all stakeholders involved. We advised Kia that we also needed to broaden the program from merely brand compliance, and figure in factors like user experience, consumer engagement, shopping tools, quality of execution and responsiveness to improve overall digital performance. Our communications strategy was to move away from negative connotations such as “compliance” and “auditing,” to positive factors such as “performance” and “excellence.” This became the birth of the Kia Centre of Excellence digital performance platform.

BLVD supported this vision by designing digital best practices and standards that were positioned on customer-centricity and valued the role that dealership websites played in the digital buying journey. Our mutual objectives were to deliver an end-user experience that established trust, value and convenience to advance and facilitate sales leads.

With the creation of these standards, BLVD produced an online performance platform named the Centre of Excellence, to house all the latest digital criteria used to measure each dealer’s website and mobile performance on a semi-annual basis. Dealers can see how they performed through a score-based system available at a custom-made dashboard and corresponding data visualization, indicating where they excel, and where they can make improvements. Dealers are also motivated to improve, since they can see their score ranking for their district, region and nationwide.

After completing the Kia dealership reviews, the BLVD team provides guidance to dealers with respect to their performance reports. We provide advice on the gaps and variances that may exist in comparison to the digital standards, and find opportunity to make the necessary improvements that will benefit the end consumer experience.

Centre of Excellence Dealer Portal

Educational Materials


For Kia Motors, our approach included:

1. Digital Brand Standards: Elevating dealer websites by evolving digital best practices and standards with a focus on brand consistency, user experience, quality of execution, consumer engagement, conversion optimization, responsiveness, mobile and industry innovation.

2. Digital Educational Workshops and Materials: providing educational workshops to dealers, supporting them in all areas of digital best practices including why they are important to their business and how they pertain to the Centre of Excellence platform

3. Enhanced performance analytics: establishing dealer website performance analytics with both dealers and vendors in order to gain a deeper understanding of success KPIs for dealer website performance.

4. Unbiased management of key Kia stakeholders: by acting as an unbiased liaison between dealers, vendors and the company with the primary goal of improving the end user experience and better facilitating sales leads.

5. Executive Consultation: providing Kia with executive management reporting and ongoing counsel with a proactive view to the future.

6. Preferred Vendor Program integration: developing stronger relationships with Kia website vendors with the establishment and management of a preferred vendor program.

7. SLA based Dealer support mechanisms: providing timely and relevant support to the dealer network through BLVD’s support office.

“The Centre of Excellence platform emphasizes customer-centricity and the critical role that a dealership’s website and mobile platform play in building trust, value and convenience for customers.”

— Steve Carter, Director of Marketing