Ireland Park Foundation

A Foundation reorganizes to promote future projects with individual identities.


The Ireland Park Foundation creates and maintains commemorative public spaces to celebrate the story of the Irish in Canada.

Rebranding Ireland Park Foundation involved a complete restructure of the organization’s public representation. Previously, Ireland Park and Ireland Park foundation were represented as one unit. With the addition of Grasett Park launching in June 2017 and future projects on the horizon such as The Corlick Building, the foundation needed to rethink and clarify its brand architecture. The resulting new identity system enables each Foundation initiative to clearly define itself by sporting its own meaningful colour palette, imagery and logo while reminding everyone that each project is endorsed by the Ireland Park Foundation. This unifying system is designed to propel the Foundation forward, as evidenced by increased donations of over $380,000 since the relaunch.


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Brand Architecture

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“Working with Blvd Agency has been a most rewarding experience. The Foundation is significantly better off because of it”

— William B. Peat

“The final concept presented to us was fundamentally different from what we initially envisioned but was ultimately exactly what we were in need of.”

— Ireland Park Foundation Board