Shifting public perception of an Art Gallery to a Museum and the largest educational institution in Southwestern Ontario.


The Art Gallery of Hamilton most commonly called the AGH is the oldest and largest public art gallery in Southwestern Ontario.

Seeking a larger and more desirable future position, the AGH embarked on a complete rethink of their offering. Today, the AGH presents itself as the largest museum and educational institution in Southwestern Ontario. Shaping the public perception from elite, small and local to an accessible, community-focused, educational institution with international reach was our initial challenge for the redesigned website.

We continue to work with the AGH in growing their accessibility and presence, most recently producing AGH Magazine, their re-designed blog.


Brand Experience
Front-end/Back-end Development
Maintenance and Training

Engage through better organization, stronger brand representation and easier access to important information.

It is a mistake to lose your own voice, it should not be over-shadowed by the powerful art within.


The word redesign, meaning process of change, fails to capture the amount of management, internal and external restructuring, and facilitation we embarked on with the AGH team. All meaningful processes to ensure their vision came to fruition.

Sharing our strategy, planning, key decisions and benchmarking outcomes would be our pleasure. Simply get in touch and we will provide an indepth overview of this project’s highlights.

Logo Execution

Strategy: Benchmarking/IA Planning

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